Why “just writing content” won’t beat your competition on Google

I work with tradespeople to rapidly improve their websites, rank on Google, and generate traffic/high-quality leads.

I’m going to show you the exact steps I take, so that you can implement this on your website today.

Video course is mint!  

Very Easy to follow, and some good ideas when planning a blog.

I watched all. The last video was the only one where I was like woah this is way out of my league purely because Im a rookie on the PC.  But all in all, good videos.

Craig - Greenshore Builders - Perth

Who is this for?

If you're:

  1. If you are in business as an electrician, plumber, pest control, mechanic, auto mechanic, cleaner or other location-specific business.
  2. You write and control your own content for your website.
  3. You have a Wordpress website.
  4. You want your website to be on the first page of Google for a search term like [service] + local location.

Then this is for you…

Who am I to tell you what to do?

My name is Jon. I have been in the web business for over 15 years. I build technically awesome websites.

Websites that rank high/no. 1 on Google.

I have worked with many clients in your industry and have perfected a process that will get your page ranking in quality search results immediately.

Why would I share this with you?

It does sound counter intuitive to show you the process I do for my clients, but I have this content ready to go and I use it in-house for training.

I could share this with all of your competitors but 90% still won’t do it.

And that’s why it works!

What will you learn?

In the step-by-step video tutorials you’ll learn about:

  • Making images location specific
  • Images that are high quality that load lightening fast
  • How to make / design those images
  • The “secret sauce” of content 
  • How to integrate content properly on your site
  • Linking processes for content
  • How much to write
  • How to make your Google search listing stand out
  • How to get your listing to show FAQs star ratings and more
  • Letting Google know you have updated your site
  • How to add in Analytics and Facebook Pixel code
  • All the tools to use to do all of this.

Sound good?

A story of an Electrician in Sydney…

electrician site trafficelectrician rankings results

I used this process to overhaul a client site who wanted to rank for "Electrician in Sydney suburbs". 

It's a highly competitive search term.

He’d been through other SEO companies and they were getting him some rankings, but for the wrong search terms. 

He was coming up for things like “post office + location”.

That’s not someone looking for a new switchboard is it?

The people these SEO companies were bringing to his site were never going to hire him.

By using the process detailed in these videos + him writing content that was actually helpful to a client (specifying his services + case studies + naturally writing about electrician stuff) we took his old pages and got over 50 of them ranking on page 1.

We saw some changes as quickly as 24 hours!

More pages ranking + authentic copy = clients.

Clients = cash in the bank.

Do you want the same results for your website pages?

Then follow this quick tutorial AND implement it on your existing content or new content.

Just want to check that you know that the course is designed for a Wordpress site. You can still use the techniques in the course for other sites built on Wix or SquareSpace, but some of the content, like details about specific plugins, will not be relevant.
Watch this now, implement it today, start beating your competition tomorrow for only $29.*Usual price will be $97 and an absolute bargain still. $29 is the launch price as I want to get initial feedback, so making the price a no brainer.