Local SEO for Electricians and Plumbers in Macon, GA

Google just changed the game again, and now is the perfect time to jump in an take full advantage.

If you've been sent this link, I have personally carried out an audit of your competition, their sites and their current marketing.

I want to help you take full advantage of the recent Google change of indexing mobile pages first. This means that if your website is not currently mobile friendly, Google will send your site down the rankings and push mobile optimized sites up.

Who is your top competitor?

I googled "{Electricians or Plumbers} in Macon, Georgia" and I researched the top 20-ish results.

The top sites (rated by either being top on the local search or #1 after it, and having all or the most of the points checked)

What are they doing RIGHT?

  • SSL

    Their website is secure. Google will give them bonus points for this simple step. See that in the URL bar? That means the website connection is encrypted.

  • Responsive

    Google now rate your site on how it looks on a mobile phone, NOT on a desktop. This change just happened in mid September 2018. Your site needs to be mobile friendly.

  • Conversions

    Google want to see people converting on a site. This means staying on there for a long time, submitting a form or going to a few different pages. These are indicators that a site has value for it's visitor. A valuable site will move up to the top spot.

So, how can I help?

I help ONLY Electricians and Plumbers. I pick one of each from each town I research. Once I have that client I will not help a competitor in that same town / city.

This way I can use my combined knowledge from all my clients, help each one, without any conflicts of interest.

I have put together a custom package that will allow me to help grow your business and win you clients so that my fee is always covered. Let me know what you think.

Upgraded WEBSITE

That's right. A well coded, conversion friendly website is included in the package.

I'll take the content you already have on your existing website and put it into a modern, sleek, responsive website that complies with the latest web standards.

Google My Business

This is how I found you, BUT did you know it can be optimized to get you into the top 3?

New service? New opening hours? Address change?

All under control.

Progress reports

I'll give you a personally branded report each monthly to show you how your website is doing.

You won't really look at them as you'll be busy handling all the new client requests that your site is generating!

Social media Ads

As SEO takes time to see initial results, I've included advertising into my package to get you clients within weeks or days.

Facebook is a great and cost effective way to target new customers. I can create a custom audience that are like your current clients. This means highly targeted ads to people who need your services.


Blogging and writing content should not be high on your TO DO list.

The wording on your site is crucial to converting traffic though. With all the data we get from your traffic, a few tweaks of your content will mean a much higher conversion rate. This is on-going work to find the perfect voice for your clients.

On-going Maintenance

As your business grows, so will your website.

I'll be there to update your services, add or remove team members, swap images around, add in custom functionality so that you keep well ahead of the competition and keep those clients calling.


If I haven't doubled your traffic and gotten you enough new clients to cover my fee AFTER 90 DAYS, I'll refund them!

I have had success with SEO in the past and re-branding old websites so that they rank on Google.

I didn't focus on a specific niche though. This mean't that I would be starting from scratch (mostly) in finding out what worked and what didn't.

I have had a few clients though which did have consistent success and they happened to be in the building and maintenance niche.

So, I want to get really specific so that I can be the best at growing plumbing and electrical businesses, hence switching my focus to only helping electricians and plumbers.

That said, I want to make sure that you are getting massive value from me.

That's why, if I don't make you enough new money, I won't charge you for my work.

How much is it?

I ask for a commitment of at least 6 months, at $500 per month + Advertising spend (optional $50 month).

If I haven't delivered value of more than that to your business after 3 months though, I will refund you those 3 months and the contract will end.

How does that sound? Fair deal?

Apply now and let's book in a call to discuss in more details.



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