How to check a TikTok Username

TikTok – How To Check If A Username Is Taken

Ok, so you may have heard that TikTok is the next social platform and it’s pretty true.

There are so many brands and stars creating accounts.

But, how can you check username availability?

Well, its super simple.

Step 1

Go to this url: and add your username to the end

Step 2

If it loads a profile, its taken. Like this:

TikTok Taken Username
My name is taken, soz

If you get a page not found title, then its free to use! Like this:

Available Username
Yay its available!

I tried to create a simple tool that would do some cool checks and give you a slick message that says Yes, your username is available.. or Oh shucks, its taken…

But TikTok is pretty locked down for the simple checks and when its this easy to check a username on TikTok, there was zero point in spending a huge amount of time on creating a tool that is just as quick to do manually