16 Productivity Tools You Need To Know About

Productivity tools are always good to keep up-to-date with. With more and more demand to keep track and control of social media, website, email, blogging etc there is a need for more ways to help keep you keep on top of it all. That’s why I made this list of some of the ones I use all the time.

Hope you find these useful!

Get creative like Steve Jobs and productive like Gary Vaynerchuk with these epic free tools. Face your procrastination fears head-on now!

…is scored at 100/100 for engagement and impression by the headline tool at sharethrough.com. As a starting point to this article, its perfect.

#1 – Headlines by sharethrough.com

This simple tool analyzes your headline and gives you a score out of 100. It gives you words and recommendations to make your headline grab as much attention as possible.

Its really good at making you refine your headings even if it is easy to fall into a clickbate-y style heading. “Donald Trump Learns To Defend himself from Angry, Left Handed, Lions. Will you join him or stay scared?” was also 100/100.

#2 – Snip.ly

Shorten your links, but add a link back to your site when those links are clicked. Snip.ly awesome 🙂

#3 – Canva

Make your marketing look amazing. Canva.com was started in Perth, Australia and is now a globally known company which set out to make the web more beautiful by “empowering the world to design”.

They have done just that. With a huge library of templates to get your creative juices flowing they make marketing fun. With an ever-growing set of tools including a logo creator and now slideshow functionality this is one of the tools you must have.

#4 – Unsplash

You can only go so far before you need some super high-quality stock images. Unsplash has that sorted for you in a continuously evolving archive of amazing images. Check out some of their incredible images.

They are copyright free so you can do what you want with them BUT be a good sport and leave the names in at the end of the file name.

#5 – Compressor.io

I’ve mentioned this before but its a great addition to the list. Keep your images sharp but reduce the size.

#6 – Am I Responsive?

A great visual tool to check if your website is responsive and what it looks like on multiple screens s all in one place.

#7 – HotJar – Visual Analytics

This will be your new favourite TV show. Netflix can take a break while you watch how people interact with your website. Short session long videos on how people go through your website give you an insight into your UI like never before. Get a free trial now at hotjar.com.

#8 – Biteable

I’ve already covered how epic this is in my “Online video creator tools” blog post so go check it out or go straight to biteable.com.

#9 – Zapier

Automate all the things. You can create up to 5 “zaps” on the free price plan which will get you a glimpse of how awesome this software is. You can connect two systems by creating a custom connection, for example, when you have a new urgent email, you can add it as a to-do on your Trello list. Boom. Hello productivity!

Sign up at Zapier.com.

#10 – Screen To Gif

A simple way to add moving stuff to your emails. Add in a short, informative gif. Download it from screentogif.com.

#11 – Giphy

Not the same as screen to gif, as you upload a video and turn up to 10 seconds worth into a gif. Have fun at giphy.com!

#12 – FadFeed

Everyone will need some creative inspiration for some adverts… this chrome extension turns your Facebook feed into an advert lovers paradise. Get inspired at fadfeed.tv.

#13 – Boomerang

This is for Gmail. Also a chrome extension and lets you schedule emails. It also lets you snooze emails or reminds you that you need to chase up a client if you haven’t heard back from them after a specified time.

Great bit of tech this!

#14 – App Sumo – Your all in one marketing machine.

Turns your WordPress site into a marketing machine. Add in sign-up forms, add heat maps, and your Google Analytics dashboard right on your website. They keep adding tools and functionality too so this is the one to add to really make your marketing pop!

#15 – Calandly

Automate your consultation bookings. Calendly takes care of time zones and books in appointments for you when you are available. You’ll never double book and you can just set and forget this one.

It syncs to your Google Calander so if you book out some time where you are on holiday in GC, your Calandly will also update and not book in appointments for it. You can also set your booking hours and days, so if you only do client calls on a Monday, done. Its all super simple to set up and you can add the link anywhere on your site.

#16 – WP Templates

This is some self-promotion. If you are or have been a client of mine, you would have had your site built on the X Theme. If you wanted to add in some landing pages to your site, WP Templates is where to do that.

Videos take you through the steps you need to add them in and the content is so that you’ll write beautiful and immersive content to wow your clients.

BONUS – Turn your site into a money-making machine with a super easy Stripe button setup.

Stripe – Basic is a simple plugin that lets you add buy now buttons or even monthly recurring payments anywhere on your WordPress website.

Check out the details on the plugins section of WordPress.org.

BONUS – #17 – Right Inbox

Right Inbox saves you time on repetitive tasks and helps you to send better emails, in less time consistently. Once you install the Right Inbox app you’ll immediately gain two levels up of time-saving, productivity-improving tools.

Right Inbox’s email reminder feature ensures you never lose track of important emails.

This is a great new tool to manage your email campaigns.

BONUS – #18 – Veed

Veed is a simple online video editing platform for creating social media video content. You can use Veed to make a professional-looking video presentation too.

Got a deadline looming, and need a range of video editing tools to add text, annotations, audio tracks, slides, photos and more? With Veed you can do it all online with no account required.

Best of all – Veed’s servers run on 100% Renewable Energy with no environmental impact.

BONUS – #19 – Motion Box

Motion Box is a new player to the online video making space. Their tools and library of clips and images, along with ease of use website make them a very good tool to have in your productivity tool kit.


Thanks for reading and I hope some of these tools help you as much as they helped me. If you have any questions regarding any of them or are looking for some help with your website, give me a shout.