Why You Should Have Your Business Site Managed

You’ve just launched your website, congratulations!

The images are current, all of your team members on the site are the actual ones in the office and all the content on the site talks about current relevant legislation.

Fast forward 2 months…

You’ve done some great work but no one knows about it as it’s not on the website. You would put it on but you’ve forgotten the steps to do it.

Fast forward another 2¬†months…

A new legislation has come into place which means that content on the site is now outdated. The new legislation means extra work for your growing business so you put off updating the website. Having outdated information on your website, or pages that are just left stagnant is a sign that Google needs to lower its rankings. Google does not like out of date content so won’t rank it highly

It’s coming up to the festive season…

This is your busy period! All the good work you’ve been doing is still not on the site and that change to legislation has still not been updated!

What are you going to do if something goes wrong on the site? What if you want a small change made to the layout? What if the design you ended up with isn’t converting clients as it was intended?

This is why you should have your site managed

With a small monthly amount, you can have your website taken care of. From text changes to amendments to layout, all included (to a point) we take the stress out of looking after your website.

It stays up to date and working, leaving you to stay focused on what’s important… your business!

Get in touch to discuss how I can help keep your site up to date and relevant.