Why It’s Not Too Late To Get Into Video

It’s everywhere, and rightly so, as we humans are visual learners. If we read something, only 10% of us will remember that same information 3 days later. Pair that same information with an image and we are 65% more likely to remember it.

Videos do that perfectly and make it more enjoyable because they mix in sound as well. Facebook wants us to have the sound turned on, as told by AdvertisingAge.

So when it comes to your websites marketing and making sure your pages are super fun to be on, adding a video to your pages is an easy way to do that. I wrote an article which goes through my top 3 online video makers that are easy to use.

In an article from TechCrunch they highlight that Facebook users now watch 100 million hours of video a day. That’s massive! Still nowhere near as much as YouTube who hit 1 billion back in Feb 2017 but its growing massively and has goals to overtake YouTube. A huge mission but if anyone can do it, Facebook has the best chance.

Videos take ages to make.

Not anymore. The 3 tools I mentioned in my article are just a few of a massive amount of tools you can use to make eye catching videos. As an example, I made this 20 sec video in about an hour. That’s edited, posted to YouTube and Facebook, and ready to share. The tools used, other than the Samsung the video was shot with, are Biteable and Windows Movie Maker to chop the original video up into 5 second chunks.

Now, I could have said the same information in a bullet list… but how would you prefer to learn? Exactly.

The video is now really shareable over social media and I can embed it easily into this post to keep you entertained 🙂

Video is entertaining.

It really is. Even the short ones. Sometimes shorter is best like one of my favourite 7 second videos… the rapping egg.

Peoples attention spans are getting less and less so videos are only going to increase in popularity as they have the best chance of being able to grab someone’s attention. You can get really creative when it comes to a video which gives you a much better chance of outdoing your competition.

With social media marketers always looking to beat their rivals and create the most engaging content possible, video is the obvious choice which means if you don’t get it into the habit of it soon, you’re going to get left behind.


Video, video, video. Get into it or if you don’t know where to get started, book in a consultation with me by clicking the hand massive orange button below 🙂